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قواعد الزي

ملابس أنيقة غير رسمية

يقدم بار الكوكتيل وتجارب الطهي المفعم بالأجواء الحميمة والحصرية، الفرصة لتذوق الوصفات التي تتميز بها باريس، واكتشاف عوالم مشروب الكونياك، وتذوق بعض من أفضل أنواع مشروب العنب المخمّر والمشروبات الفوارة من المنتجين المحليين.

French-style Cocktails

The great Parisian events of the century serve as a backdrop for 10 refined signature cocktails.

These are balanced and easy-to-drink combinations because great cocktails are always the simplest.

La Cognathèque

The team set off to explore the great cognac terroirs and came up with ‘La Cognathèque’.
Esteemed small producers and private houses are featured on the front page of the Journal du Cognac and tell stories of the authentic cognac houses.

The Best Unions of the Century Take Place in the Kitchen

Bar 19.20 offers French culinary delights from breakfast to a late night snack. With 100 years of history behind it, the Prince de Galles takes you on a journey through a century of cuisine that have marked French culture, revived by locally sourced ingredients and a passion for seasonality.
Every decade reveals its treasures, forgotten dishes brought back to life in an uncomplicated, simple manner.

On the sweet side, the pastry Chef Tristan Rousselot takes his inspiration from the iconic sweet pastries and pays homage to the skills and expertise of French patisserie with his “Miroir” collection. This innovative journey through time also inspired the Tea Time.


The secluded room hosts 10 people and is specially tailored for epicureans who want to deepen their knowledge of French and Parisian ‘savoir-faire’.

Conceived around the idea of experience, excellence, and encounters, tastings are organized with winegrowers and cognac producers, as well as artisan cheese-makers, bakers...
Dinners with food and wine pairings with a private chef or four-handed feasts are regularly held too.

And to complete this unique experience, start the evening in the Prince de Galles’ secret cellar, for an exclusive aperitif.
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