Wonderful Beach Oasis Villa, 2 Queen Beds

Escape to tropical indulgence. Soak up the Maldivian rays on the sundeck or step out onto your private sweep of white sandy beach. Stretch out on the circular daybed that cantilevers over the private plunge pool.

Step inside. The transition to your urban oasis is seamless. A red palette with jellyfish and coral patterns is complemented by spectacular glowing rope lamps designed by Christian Haas. Lounge in a red hammock handcrafted from recycled material by underprivileged communities in Nicaragua. Dream in the king-size signature W bed. Bathe under the stars or the clear blue sky in the open-roofed bath area with standalone bathtub and rainforest shower. Who wants to play? A 42-inch plasma TV and a Bose® sound system provide entertainment.

Head upstairs to the private viewing deck with thatched roof and enjoy unobstructed beach and ocean views. Relax in your custom-made swing daybed. Fire up the grill for some savoury delights. Then, kick back with a glass from the wine fridge.

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  • حجم الغرفة
  • نطاق حجم الغرفة: الحد الأدنى
  • نطاق حجم الغرفة: الحد الأقصى
  • غرف مُكيّفة
  • غرفة لغير المدخنين مع إطلالة على المسبح
  • الغرف المتصلة متاحة (لبعض الغرف)
  • مساحات في الهواء الطلق: شرفة (1)
  • نوافذ قابلة للفتح
  • أسقف خاصة سقف عال
  • حوض سباحة خاص
  • شاليه يتضمن حوض سباحة

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